Vehicle Storage

B.I.A.S facilities provide secure storage for circa 25,000 vehicles in a fully managed and computer controlled compound within the security fenced airfield complex.

• 100 acres of hard standing to accommodate all cars and trucks

• 35 despatch lanes, with capacity for 13 vehicles per lane

• 10 arrival lanes

• Capability to despatch/valet 800 cars per day

• Each vehicle admitted is bar coded and allocated a unique location

• Each car also appears on our web based system in real time, giving instant client visibility

Our business model, and the flexibility of our site, means we can manage the peaks and troughs of the automotive cycle seamlessly with no impact on client service.

Once on site, a comprehensive vehicle inspection service is also available;

• BVRLA standard, or tailored to client requirements

• Supporting digital imagery is available via the website, in real time

• Point Of Delivery (POD) inspection

• QC

• GPRS enabled HHT units

B.I.A.S. have developed unique handheld inspection technology which incorporates GPRS units allowing clients the option of inspection at disparate locations with no time delay in data exchange.

All inspection data is transmitted from the HHT to our web based system immediately.

In our POD inspection we identify transport damage or missing components, allowing clients the ability to recharge as appropriate.

As part of the vehicle inspection process, loose items are removed from the vehicle and stored securely. The client is advised and pick-up arranged.

All of this is on our secure site. Our security arrangement comprises an 8ft perimeter fence, complete with 6ft ditches and/or Armco barriers.

Surrounding the hard standing, we have ‘ringed fence’ infra red alarms, security cameras and thermal imaging cameras with site access protected by floor mounted stingers with integrated access barriers.

This is complemented by 24hr security and frequent dog patrols.