In-Life Fleet Management

Bruntingthorpe’s comprehensive suite of services and facilities mean we are perfectly placed for all of your in-life fleet management needs.

Our team of qualified technicians can undertake mechanical servicing of vehicles on site as required to meet customer requirements. Alternatively, for any vehicles on longer term storage we can also operate a maintenance programme to minimise the negative impact of adverse weather and long term storage.

Where a vehicle is deemed to have a serious fault, our technicians will undertake a diagnostic check with our SOLUS PRO diagnostic scanner and will agree the action necessary to rectify the vehicle, in conjunction with the customer.

In addition, we can undertake a pre delivery inspection (PDI) on any vehicles stored at B.I.A.S. as required by our clients, in conjunction with relevant manufacturer accreditation standards.

For in-life fleet management, we undertake a full mechanical inspection (reallocation check) to ensure the continued safety and roadworthiness of vehicles on fleet.

These inspections can be tailored to the individual needs of the client.

Whenever parts supply is required, we have built relationships with parts centres for the majority of major manufacturers.

In addition we have a dedicated stores manager responsible for price negotiation and ordering progress chasing, through to delivery.